Sunday, 23 March 2014

Taiwan - Colorful Card

Country: Taiwan
Postcard ID: TW-1017057
Description: Well, this card takes time to find all the interesting spots. So colorful and joyful!

Germany - Yum-Owl

Country: Germany
Postcard ID: DE-2553273
Description: A really funny sort of owl - is it edible, I wonder.

Finland - Spring Flowers Card

Country: Finland
Postcard ID: FI-1888733
Description: Another adorable floral card. The more - the better!

Russia - Musical Instruments

Country: Russia
Postcard ID: RU-2076134
Description: It's nice being a musician. I've been playing the piano since I was 7 and I still love doing this. This card depicts some of the most complicated instruments.

Australia - Palms of the Other World

Country: Australia
Postcard ID: AU-309493
Description: Here comes my very first card from Australia. The far country, I've never known a lot about it. And that's why it's my dream country - it is so unreachable and so beautiful at the same time.

Finland - Owl in the Sky

Country: Finland
Postcard ID: FI-1848010
Description: My owl collection is getting larger and larger every month! That's a very nice addition to it from Finland.

The Netherlands - Jip and Janneke

Country: The Netherlands
Postcard ID: NL-2108490
Description: Another adorable card from the Netherlands with Jip and Janneke. I really love the cards with these story characters, I hope to receive more of them soon.